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*All Contractor Licences Are For Residential, Commercial and Industrial type of activities

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Contractor Licences
MM98- MM-1 through MM-4 and covers all work described in these classifications, as well as work
described in the MS-3, MS-6, MS-12 and MS-14
Plumbing- 1 (MM01)- Install, alter, repair and service plumbing fixtures, and piping, including pneumatic or
electric controls and control wiring not greater than 24 volts, concrete supports, and excavating, trenching
and backfilling. Includes hot water heating systems  not exceeding 30 p.s.i. or 400,00 b.t.u./hour input; piping
for fuel, oil and gasoline and for solar energy systems; septic tanks, manholes and sewer lines; irrigation
sprinkler systems; swimming pools and spas.
Plumbing- 2 Septic tanks & sewer (MS03) Install, alter, repair or service septic tanks and systems,
manholes and sewer lines, starting at a point five (5) feet beyond the outside wall of a building and ending at
a connection to a public or private utility. May excavate, trench, backfill and grade as necessary, and install
or repair plug-in type electrical control panels, controls and control wiring.
Plumbing- 3 Lawn sprinklers (MS06) Install, alter, repair or service sprinkler systems which are connected
to a potable water supply.  May excavate and backfill as necessary and install or repair plug-in type electrical
control panels, controls and control wiring.
Pluming- 4 Fire protection sprinkler systems (MS12) Install alter, repair or service fire protection
systems using water, including any pressure or storage tanks required, controls and control wiring. May
excavate and backfill and install piping from structure to off-premise water supply adjacent to property
involving a fire protection system.
Plumbing- 5 Dry chemical fire protection (MS14) Install, alter, repair or service fire protection systems
using gas or chemical, including CO clean agent. Includes pressurized storage tanks, valves, temperature
sensing devices and other incidental control wiring.  May install solenoid or shut-off valve devices in these
Gas- 1 (MM02)- Natural (NAT)- Install, alter, repair and service natural gas piping and fittings and incidental
controls and control wiring, pneumatic control systems, excavating, trenching and backfilling.  Includes
installation of hot water systems exceeding 30 p.s.i. or 400,000 b.t.u./hour input; steam and hot water boilers;
and warm air heating systems such as chimney connections, flues, refractories, burners, fittings valves,
thermal insulation, accessories and incidental piping; warm air appliances and other listed gas appliances.
Gas- 2 (LP05)- Liquid Propane (LP)- Installation, Service and Repair- Install or erect liquid transfer facilities;
and to install, service and repair appliances, equipment and piping for use with LP gas in residences and
commercial buildings including mobile homes (as defined by the Manufactured Housing Act), recreational
vehicles and similar units.
Heating (MM03) Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)- Install, alter, repair and service HVAC air handling
and refrigeration equipment and piping, including fans, coils, condensing units, self-contained packaged air
conditioning and/or heating units, evaporative cooling units, solar energy systems, ductwork and pneumatic
tube systems. May connect water to existing valved outlets, and install controls, and control wiring.
Cooling (MM04), Heating and Process Piping- Install, alter, repair and service hydronic heating, cooling and
process piping for steam hot water systems of any temperature pressure range, chilled water systems,
condensing water systems and process piping systems.  Includes pressure vessels, heat exchangers,
boilers, refrigeration water chillers, cooling towers, fuel oil tanks and fuel oil piping, and pneumatic or electric
controls and control wiring.  Install high pressure and process piping solar energy systems of any
temperature or any pressure conveying gas or fluids other than potable water, and pneumatic tube systems.
Refrigeration- (MM03 + MM04)
Electrical (EE98)- Covers all electrical work, including work identified in less comprehensive electrical
classifications, premises wiring systems 600 volts, nominal, or less, underground distribution raceway
systems regardless of voltage, and wiring systems and terminations 600 volts, nominal, or less.

Jouneyman Licences

JPF - Journeyman pipe fitter; JPG - Journeyman plumber and natural gas fitter; JSM-  Journeyman Sheet
LP05- Journeymen Liquid propane gas fitter; B02- Journeyman boiler operator (Low and High
JR- Journeyman Refrigeration; EE98J - Journeyman residential and commercial Electrical.


Plumbing/CNM, Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration/CNM, Residential wiring/CNM, Electrical
Trades/CNMWirsbo/Uponor Aquapex, Ipex Radian Systems, Ward Manufacturing, EPA- Universal, NATE,
Residential Air Distribution, Residential Heat Pump, Residential Gas Furnaces, Residential Oil Furnaces,
Weil-McLain Boilers and Water Heaters Residential and Commercial, OSHA 10
*CNM- Central New Mexico Community College- Albuquerque


AAS in Mechanical Technology/CNM, AAS in Construction Technology/CNM,  BAS in Communication
System And Technology/MU
*CNM- Central New Mexico Community College-
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