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Refrigeration Services

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Q: How can one company do so many things?
A: We are multi functional company thank to our workers. All of them are licenced specialists in the job they do.
Q: How long does it take for  your emergency respond?
A: Usually between 15 and 45minutes. In busy days up to 2-3 hours.
Q: Is this online schedule works for real?
A: Yes, all the time except the emergency and same day services. This way You have to call us.
Q: What is the base of your charges?
A: The time and the hardness of the requested service.
Q: I had some work done in my house from AAA Master Services and I am very happy after all. Can I referral your    
    services to someone else?
A: Yes, this way You will earn something named referral fee. This fee varies and will  come to You, when the             
     referred job has been done.
Q: My water heater is leaking. What  should I do?
A: Call us. We will schedule appointment for You.
Q: What is the warranty for your service?
A: Installations- between 1-5years,  Repairs- up to 1year.
Q: What is the time frame of your schedule?
A: Usually 2 hours. Upon request, we will call you 15 minutes before the worker's arrival.
Q: Can I cancel my appointment?
A: Yes, all the time by phone call, not via Internet. If you are not at the address and we are there, You will be            
     subject of service call charge. The bill will arrive by mail.
Q: What if I am not at home, and the appointment was for free estimate?
A: You will be subject of service call charge. The bill will arrive by mail. We all have to respect the time of the others.
Q: How this company is different than the other contractors?
A: We have the best craftsmanship in town.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs) for Refrigeration

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