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    Nowhere in the field of residential plumbing have more
    advancements been made than in shower valves. To many, a
    shower valve is simply a diverter in the bathtub spout. Nothing could
    be further from the truth. Today, options abound, and there are
    dozens of features from which  choose.

    Traditional single-spray showerheads are still available, whether for
    a  single-purpose shower enclosure, or as part of a tub-shower  
    combination in either an all-in-one unit or in a tub/wall surround.
But      that is just the beginning. Showerheads offer a choice of spray patterns, and valves can
control multiple outlets operating together or independently from different heights, or as
supplemental hand-held sprays.

A number of manufacturers have joined the fray and each offers units that are unique in some
respect. By shopping carefully, the homeowner can design a shower environment best suited to his
tastes and lifestyle. It can be either soothing or invigorating, and programmed to the perfect

The valves are the critical elements. A thermostatically controlled valve can maintain an adequate
flow of water through the system at a precise temperature. Of course water flow requires an
adequate water supply, but if the pressure and flow are sufficient to feed the system, the valves can
direct the flow where it is needed.

High-flow valves with multiple spray designs fall into the broad category of
"custom showers." Sometimes advanced hand sprays with flexible hoses
are incorporated in the plan; these are sometimes referred to as "hotel"
hand showers. When massaging heads are incorporated in a recirculating
system, the result is like a vertical whirlpool. These are called "body spas."
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