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Kohler's Ultra Low Flow Bodysprays
These sprays use less water to provide exceptional water coverage
for warmth and massage. Both the spray pattern and the power are

Available options include a Electronic control panel to let you select
the desired water action, a sheetflow spout which delivers a cascade
of water, oscillating/pulsating adjustable body sprays for massage
action, and choices of wide soft, slow pulse, or soft aerated spray.

Hand showers can also be mounted on an adjustable height slide bar.

Grohe's new Sensia hand shower line reflects modern European                                                        
bath design. It features a long, contoured handle that fits                                                                    
comfortably in the hand while the spray face is angled to reach all                                                       
parts of the body. The Sensia line includes a selection of controlled                                                    
water patterns and coordinated accessories.

Spray configurations include Dual (narrow hard spray and wide soft
spray); Champagne (soothing effervescent stream and regular soft
spray); and Top 4 (invigorating pulsator, soothing champagne, soft
regular spray and hard regular spray).

Grohe's SpeedClean system solves the common problem of build-up                                                  
with a specially that allows the nozzle to "bend" when lightly wiped                                                       
with a cloth or sponge and thereby forces the lime scale to gently
crumble away.

Sensia hand showers also feature a connection that swivels 360° to  eliminate twisting and kinking
of the hand shower hose. Its shower bar offers a swivel hand shower
holder with adjustment for the hand shower angle; and an adjustable
mounting system for easy retrofit. An optional corner mounting
bracket is also available. Accessories include a wall union, union with
hand shower holder, and fixed wall mount shower holder.

The Sensia line is available in a choice of finishes.

Moen sells two new showerhead and hand-held shower
collections: VilletaTM and NevaTM. Both offer updated styling, improved performance and
integration for the entire bathroom suite. The Villeta line features sleek, sculpted lines and matches
Moen's new Villeta line of bath, tub/shower and bath accessory products. The Neva line is a great
choice for remodelers who wish to match a stylish, multi-function showerhead/hand-held shower with
their current shower, regardless of the brand.

Villeta and Neva showerheads and hand-held showers are available in a handheld unit, a slide bar
model and wall bracket model. Each is also available with one to three functions including fine, full    
                                                       and massaging spray patterns for the true spa effect. They offer  
                                                       a number of popular options and upgrades including a longer,     
                                                       30" slide bar, which is especially useful for children or the elderly
                                                       because of its adjustable height; a more durable metal hose        
                                                       attachment; and an easy-to-grip dial ring for changing shower      
                                                       settings and making spray adjustments quickly, without slips.        
                                                       Both showerheads and hand-held showers offer an                      
                                                       easy-to-clean faceplate.

The new Moen showerhead and hand-held shower collections                                                            
are available in chrome, polished brass, glacier (white) and the                                                           
popular chrome/polished brass combination. Moen showers come                                                       
in a with optional vertical spa features such as massaging spray                                                         
pattern and decorative head, with a single spray pattern or a                                                              
three-function model with wide, narrow, and massaging spray                                                              
patterns. Hand showers also provide a wide range of slide bar                                                            
positions that can be set to specific needs.
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